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Elan The Mark: A New Standard for Commercial and Residential Development

Are you looking for a remarkable investment opportunity in the heart of Gurgaon's vibrant real estate market? Look no further than Elan The Mark, a strategically located commercial and residential project developed by Elan Group.

Situated at the intersection of the Dwarka Expressway and the 150-meter-wide Northern Peripheral Road, Elan The Mark project offers world-class amenities, innovative design, and easy access to major transportation hubs. With its prime location, luxurious spaces, and cutting-edge amenities, Elan The Mark is the perfect place to live, work, and play.

Introducing Elan the Mark Project

Elan The Mark Gurgaon isn't just any real estate project; it stands for class and quality.

Excellent Location

Elan The Mark sits just off the Dwarka Expressway, ensuring a quick and convenient journey from Delhi. It's also close to several important highways, allowing easy travel to different parts of the National Capital Region.

For Everyone's Lifestyles

Elan The Mark is suitable for various lifestyles. Whether you're a business owner, a young professional, or a family with kids, Elan The Mark has something tailored to you. With a mix of commercial and residential spaces, you can find your perfect spot.

Amenities for All

Elan The Mark Project offers a wide array of amenities, from a modern gym to a play area for children. It even includes green spaces, providing a relaxing and refreshing environment for everyone to enjoy.

An Impressive Twin Tower

Elan The Mark project comprises two impressive towers, each designed to cater to distinct needs:

The Commercial Tower

Standing 24 stories high, the commercial tower provides a generous 1 million square feet of thoughtfully created spaces. These areas are suitable for a range of businesses, including shops, modern offices, and hospitality ventures. The tower encourages innovation and collaboration, making it a place where businesses can thrive.

The Residential Tower

Rising high with 30 floors, the residential tower provides more than 2 million square feet of living area. Inside this tower, you'll find various types of homes, from small studio apartments to roomy three-bedroom houses. Elan The Mark Projects is dedicated to offering a living environment that blends comfort, elegance, and practicality.

Lifestyle and Amenities

Elan The Mark Gurgaon isn't just about luxury in theory, it's about luxurious living.

The Elan The Mark project in Gurgaon offers fantastic amenities that redefine modern life. Think about relaxing at the rooftop lounge during a calm evening, having a refreshing swim in the pool, or enjoying some downtime at the spa. Families also have a childcare facility for a family-friendly environment. Moreover, the 6-level underground parking and advanced security system make things more convenient and secure for you.

Nature's Peace at Elan The Mark

A special aspect of Elan The Mark Project is how well it fits in with nature. With lots of green spaces around, the project makes a calm and peaceful place in the busy city. Mixing modern design with the beauty of nature gives residents a tranquil and lovely place to live.

Elan The Mark offers more than just luxury, it's a wise investment too. Situated in the busy business area of Gurugram and easily connected to main highways, it's a great opportunity for both Commercial and Residential Investment. The presence of many corporate offices nearby adds to the liveliness of this location, making it a thriving place for businesses.

Your Journey with Elan The Mark

Currently under construction, Elan The Mark is expected to be completed by 2024. The commercial tower is already open for bookings, while the residential tower will soon follow suit. If you're seeking a luxury residential or commercial space in Gurugram, Elan The Mark should be at the top of your list.


Elan The Mark is not only a project; it's a combination of elegance, innovation, and connectivity. With its well-chosen location, attractive architecture, and high-quality amenities, it offers a special lifestyle and a thriving business environment. Whether you're a business owner with big goals or someone looking for luxury living, Elan The Mark Gurgaon is ready to leave a lasting impact as you work towards excellence.


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