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Elan The Mark - Gurgaon's Finest Commercial Project

Experience luxury and success at Elan The Mark – an iconic commercial project in Gurgaon. Indulge in opulent retail alongside a 5-star hotel, versatile spaces, and the expertise of Elan Group. Level up your business in this top-notch location.

In the busy city of Gurgaon, Elan The Mark is a symbol of luxury and success, completely redefining commercial real estate. Developed by the esteemed Elan Group, this iconic project aims to set a new standard for luxury retail in the city and capture people's hearts.

Located at a prime spot on Dwarka Expressway, NH8A, and equipped with outstanding features, Elan The Mark offers an extraordinary experience that goes beyond the usual.

Explore the Prime Location and Seamless Connectivity

Elan The Mark understands the importance of location, and it has found the perfect spot. Situated on Dwarka Expressway, NH8A, this mixed-use development has the unique advantage of being on a 4-side open plot. This makes it highly attractive to both businesses and investors. The expressway on one side, a 60-meter road on another, and 24-meter roads on the remaining two sides ensure easy access and visibility, establishing Elan The Mark as a prominent commercial landmark in Gurgaon.

The project's excellent connectivity to major areas of Gurgaon and Delhi provides a smooth path to success. Being close to the international airport and other key commercial centers makes it an ideal location for ambitious businesses seeking global opportunities. Whether you want to start or expand your current venture, Elan The Mark's strategic location offers a gateway to limitless possibilities.

Discover their 5-Star Hotel Experience

Elan The Mark stands out by seamlessly blending luxury retail and hospitality. Inside this grand commercial project, you'll find avast 5-acre 5-star hotel, a rare gem that enhances the entire experience for visitors and occupants alike. This unique combination creates a lively and dynamic atmosphere, making every visit to Elan The Mark an unforgettable journey of luxury and joy.

The presence of this upscale hotel adds to its appeal, attracting discerning customers who seek the best experiences. For retail businesses, it means a constant flow of foot traffic and potential customers, giving Elan The Mark an exclusive edge that sets it apart.

Visionary Venture by Elan Group

The Elan Group is well-known for its dedication to excellence and innovative projects, and Elan The Mark is a shining example of their vision. With a massive investment of 10,000 crores, this project reflects the group's relentless pursuit of creating exceptional landmarks. Anticipation surrounds Elan The Mark as it aims to set new standards for luxury retail in Gurgaon and become an iconic landmark that will inspire generations to come.

The Elan Group's successful track record, including projects like Elan Heights and Elan Home, instills trust and confidence in investors and businesses. Knowing that a visionary developer is behind Elan The Mark adds value to every aspect of this development, creating an atmosphere of trust and reliability.

Discover a Canvas of Diverse Retail Spaces

Elan The Mark gurgaon presents a versatile canvas, offering a plethora of retail spaces to suit various business requirements. Businesses seeking to make their mark in the bustling Gurgaon landscape will find themselves spoilt for choice:

  • Lower-Ground and Ground-Floor Retail Spaces: Ranging from 800 to 1200 square feet, these spaces offer ample room for retail establishments to showcase their products and services in an engaging and inviting manner.

  • First-Floor Retail Spaces: Ranging from 600 to 1000 square feet, these spaces provide a seamless blend of accessibility and visibility, ensuring businesses capture the attention of their target audience.

  • Second-Floor Retail Spaces: Ranging from 400 to 800 square feet, these spaces are perfect for those seeking a more intimate setting, ideal for boutique stores and specialty businesses.

  • Third Floor: Entertainment, Cinemas, and Food & Beverage Outlets: This floor caters to visitors seeking leisure and entertainment, providing an all-encompassing retail experience.


Elan The Mark project stands as a visionary commercial project, redefining luxury retail in Gurgaon. With its prime location on Dwarka Expressway, accompanied by a 5-star hotel, and the expertise of Elan Group, it offers a perfect platform for businesses to thrive. Embrace opulence, elevate your success, and secure your space at Elan The Mark - Where prosperity meets luxury living!

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